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3XV / Re: Airbox funnel identification
« Last post by Bullitt on Today at 12:52:56 PM »
Second pic
For Sale / Sidi boots
« Last post by thump566 on Today at 11:27:50 AM »
My neighbour used to commute to work on his Suzuki but after retirement sold his bike  ???

He donated his Sidi boots to me but Size 43 they are too small for me. Am happy to pass them on to someone else if of any use, they are useable (I wore them once but definitely too small for me) either as a backup pair or possibly for an occasional pillion? The soles show signs of wear but the zips still work fine.

PM me if interested, may need to negotiate postage depending on destination?
3XV / Re: Returning 3XV Race Bike to Road Use
« Last post by jools on Today at 10:25:51 AM »
Hi Warwick,
yes race shift set up.

Re the Coerce - that would be right, a longer spring. I found the original footrest set up - I was using it on my 2nd CMR framed TZ750 build but I think the Coerce rear sets will actually be better for the CMR frame.
I had to fanny around with the rosejoints and rod length as I had to remove the OEM one from the shift lever as it was damaged. I knew the M6 LH Tap would come in handy one day  ;D

Projects / Re: SPR & RS
« Last post by ybk on Today at 06:22:26 AM »
A little progress, have to get a move on now that I have a SPR project buddy with Searick..

Last time I left my newly rebuilt shock in a zip lock bag for a few weeks. Had a check the other day and saw this:

Not ideal :(. So sent it back, apparently it was the seal around the compression adjuster which wasn't replaced. So if you're getting your shock rebuilt it may be worth mentioning this seal:

Then just a few small things, finally got the swingarm done. It came out OK-ish. Looks fine from a meter, not really doing a concourse thing here so this will do:

Also did the subframe, forgot to take a before pic. The whole subframe lost most of its paint due to corrosion and wear and tear. This will do OK.

Jammed in some fresh swingarm bearings. I much prefer pressing them in than out.

Painted some small bits that were too weathered. Soda blasting gives a nice clean canvas to paint,

Lastly, getting there with my leak down-test-kit-lockdown-project, one more round of printing with some tweaks then hopefully it should be good..

Just want to get the chassis assembled so I can move on to the motor..unfortunately I need some copper washers for the forks (I had to remove the damper assemblies.. :() and a few other bits to get the chassis assembled but the parts are sitting in Japan waiting on a flight out which aint happening at the moment.
3XV / Re: Running weak/cool on one cylinder
« Last post by SouthCoastRich on May 31, 2020, 09:41:34 PM »
Just a quick note - I have the weak LHS exhaust too.

Make sure vaj circuits are working.

I get 2 clicks per carb, but the LHS/Upper has done these by 1/4 rotation and the RHS/Lower then starts it 2 clicks from about 1/2 WOT. Is this expected?
3XV / Re: Right exhaust - normal for a 3XV?
« Last post by SouthCoastRich on May 31, 2020, 09:32:01 PM »
Sorry I  digress from the OP

No worries, this is all really useful intel - I think Thump and I are showing the same symptoms (apart from the high idle) as both OPs have low pulse pressure from the LHS/upper exhaust.

And make sure the slide is sitting on the throttle stop screw, not hanging on the cable or you'll have all kinds of hassle trying to get a nice tickover.

This is and the choke cables should be quite easy to check.

I'd start there. TBH that airbox is less of a stress to get back in than the lower one.

I suspect all the airboxes are coming off  :o
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