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Projects / Re: My TZM 150 build
« Last post by SeaR1ck on Today at 07:04:00 AM »
So testing out the lights I was wondering if the bike needs to be running to work all of the lights. Ground is good and battery is new and charged up.

Lights that work :

Rear brake light : only when brake is Applied front or rear lever. Does not switch on when switch is in on position in running mode.

Turn signals : turn on and flash and on the indicator on the instrument cluster.

Oil light: is on

Head light: does not turn on when switch is turned on.

Instrument speedo rpm temp lights : also not turning on.

I cleaned the connection plug in for the left switch gear on the harness and pulled the switch gear apart and cleaned it. But everything looked clean to begin with.

Wiring is not plugged in wrong the ypvs motor cycles. The bulbs look good look brand new. Tested the ground and that is also good.

I was wondering if maybe the bike has to be running to power the lights? The front bulb is a H4 45 watt maybe the battery to weak to turn it on?

The harness only has one ground off the coil mount gonna add another one to the frame.
3XV / Re: Japanese '91 3XV deresriction
« Last post by Hoatso on Today at 05:48:59 AM »

A while back we put together a bulk purchase of 3XV R/RS pistons from Wossner, similar to SeaRick1's center crank seal bulk order.  If you're going to race this bike, spares may be something to keep in mind.  Hoatso was trying to put another bulk purchase together, but I don't it gained much traction.

Best, Jim

I am still interested in organising a piston bulk buy if the need is there.
General Discussion / Re: Zeeltronic info
« Last post by Hoatso on Today at 05:40:54 AM »
The program that comes with the Zeel for the 3XV is better than stock. It eliminates the ignition retarding that restricts the power to Japanese standards.  It also disables the kick stand switch that kills the engine if you put it in gear with the stand down. And, disables the high speed limit that is sensed by the speedo. And you can tune it more as you mod your bike or run better fuel. Plus it is wired with the connectors to plug and play. Win-win-win.
Wanted / Re: 3xv fuel tap
« Last post by jools on Today at 04:22:21 AM »
Failing that an RGV one is a common replacement and does away with the vacuum diaphragm system - the cause of most leaks.
3MA / Re: fuel tap
« Last post by jools on Today at 04:07:56 AM »
Thanks guys  8)
Wanted / Re: TZR 3MA parts
« Last post by jools on Today at 04:07:04 AM »
I like those..........
Wanted / Re: TZR 3MA parts
« Last post by morepower on Today at 04:04:54 AM »
I know bodywork is no longer made so the options are Chinese copies or a composite one if you can find them.

I was planning on making some parts like the hand blisters, side ducts and the V panel when I get the white one here. I daren't copy the black bikes stuff as it can get some damage in the moulding process and that bike I want to keep original. The white one I am less bothered about so am not too worried if it gets damaged when its copied. I may even do the fuel tank and make a mould from that so I can do carbon fuel tanks similar to my Aprilia RS tanks...
Wanted / Re: TZR 3MA parts
« Last post by morepower on Today at 03:58:51 AM »
You cant get the lenses now but you can get a brand new tail light...
TZR125's / Re: TZR125 4DL TRACK BIKE
« Last post by 2stroke on Today at 03:32:05 AM »
Good job with Vinamold, guys! 8) (-P)

The only way to understand precisely how much a transfer duct is effective, is to create a computer model with related calculation. A very important parameter is the turbulence of the flux, that brings a better air/fuel mixture to the spark plug. In general a regular-shaped duct is optimal, but sometimes there are some exceptions. It depends on what kind of power distribution you want. ;)

4FL and Athena are later models than 3MB and of course you can clearly see some improvements versus this one.

Vforce4 is a very good reed valve, better than original,  but fits in the standard carters. One of the limits of the 3MB/4DL, in my personal opinion, stands in the intake/reed block dimension.
So Louis, if you fit a larger reed block you could have a gain in airflow and torque. In this case, you could also use a larger carburetor, since the 32mm (as you also observed) brings the airflow to the limits of the original reed valve.
For the carburetor I suggest a Mikuni 35 TM that did an excellent job on the Cagiva Mito 125. This bike has very similar "bore x stroke"  dimensions of our Yamaha.

For the exhaust, find some info about the "Figaroli" fitted on the SP, it can help you in designing the exhaust you are looking for. ;)
Wanted / Re: TZR 3MA parts
« Last post by PaulTZR on Today at 12:20:06 AM »
Hi, thanks very much for your reply.
I have already looked on Fowlers under 3MA so I'll give it another go and look for the SP model instead.  Many thanks again
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