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Projects / Re: 3MA project has begun....
« Last post by ybk on Today at 06:59:34 AM »
Mouse pads also work well for the mirror between the fairing and stay.

Any progress on the 3ma?  8)
3XV / O-ring
« Last post by Hoatso on Today at 01:17:27 AM »
Is there anyone in the USA that is set up to cut O-ring grooves in an R model cylinder?

3XV / Re: Is it Time for Another Wossner Group Buy?
« Last post by Hoatso on Today at 01:15:32 AM »
Mellorp - in the US, the How Its Made piston video has a different male narrator and I think its in inches instead of metric.

I found another version with a male UK narrator. I wonder why they went through all this trouble.
Projects / Re: Another 3XV project
« Last post by thump566 on December 12, 2018, 07:44:48 AM »
I have considered buying Chinese plastic.

There seems to be at least two manufacturers. One has a two-piece rear fairing, while the other has a one-piece. Did you get the 2-piece?

What fit issues did you have?

Do the side fairings have the air intake ducts molded on the inside?

Does the tank cover fit OK?


My kit came with a 2 piece seat unit and did not include a tank cover as standard. I have fitted the seat but got no further at the moment, currently working on the top fairing but unsure if the difficulties lining up are due to the kit or the support frame which appears to had a whack at some point so still work in progress (side is touching the radiator cap and the indicators dot quite line up with the lugs on the bracket either side ). Its difficult to get the exact angles of the bracket correct without a good one and can only go by photos off the net.

Don't recall that the side fairings have the air intake ducts moulded on the inside but will unwrap one again and post more pics. As mentioned no tank cover with this suppliers kit but will try and find the sellers details and add to this thread.

btw... The seat unit fitted ok other than the two rear mounting lugs under the rear seat unit needing offsetting somewhat. Please ask if anyone needs any specific pics of a particular bit.
For Sale / Cheetah Cub 421 engine - 1750GBP
« Last post by casal-fan on December 11, 2018, 05:21:21 PM »
Hej guys

Not TZR related, but at least yamaha, and of course 2stroke related.
Ybk, feel free to remove if you mean Ive crossed the line, just thought someone here could be interested.

Cheetah Cub 421 complete engine.

CPI monoblok cylinders - These have a had a repair done to one of the exhaust tunels, which got a bit of damage. After the repair - new nikasil plating, and have never been run since. Both repair and replate done through TZ specialist in Denmark, wich uses a shop in Italy to all work of this nature.

Cool Head kit, the combustion chambers are 22cc wich is the std. for 95RON pump gas. New O-rings kit from TDR (Tonny Doukas Racing) in USA, as well as a used kit in good shape, studs, bolts, nuts, everything needed.

Pistons- 2 kits namura cast pistons - NEW. These have a special dome shape. Old school piston porting its called. A matter of personal preference... I would probably make an ashtrey out of them to be completly honest.
1kit wiseco piston for coolhed sourced locally - NEW. These are the ones designed to match the cool head kit.
Choose to run the wisecos and youll be missing one kit of course.

Hot Rods stroker crank, 58mm stroke with new outer ends bearings. Everything looks in great shape.

RD350 YPVS engine blok with gears, clutch, covers, coolant pump, well, everything. Let the pics. speak for themselvs. Friction plates are practically new, uprated 10% stronger clutch springs, steels have no discoloration.
Engine was running strong before damage - this bottom end is good shape, not falling out of gear, nothing. Cluch basket/primary gearing has NO movement.
Cylinder studs mounted on the engine blok are for the cheetah cub kit.

TMX-X 34mm electronic powerjet carbs. Got these from USA, cos I belive that the powerjets if commanded by a Zeel or Ignitech with a custom ignition curve would drastically improve midrange on these engine.
ATTENTION - these have NOT been used with this engine. Jetting is on your hands. The fuel valves MUST be checked and replaced by bigger if needed because I belive these carbs worked with fuel pump on theyr last application.

All packed up in wooden box and ready to go.
I can organise cheap delivery in Schengen area. Writting this actually makes me wonder how things will work out between EU - UK in the future...

I sell to finance my monocylinder trackbike build wich Im struggling to continue with it.

Price is good I think... not gonna say that it ows me this or that, but cheaper then this and I can see myself being refeered to as an idi*t, and I won't go there.

Not announced anywhere else, but feel free to share with potencial interessed people that do not see this forum.

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