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Constructing a new dyno
« on: October 20, 2018, 01:51:15 PM »
As promised I would start a new Topic ones I have something to show.

As the title says "constructing a new dyno" means that I almost start from scratch ::)
Will use all the components I can from the my old dyno,  but most will be newly made.
It seems to be a lot more work then I thought.

The concept will be as followed

-Need to roll it into place so it needs to have wheels
-As I'm building it at my place it will be constructed in two or three units
-It will get a brake for giving the drum some load (for road conditions)
-Possible more option in the future.
-And a solution for all the problems that will come

Started with this

Ended until now here

Some more info here:

And with ended i mean it really ended for now as my welding station died on me :(
Need to see if I can fix it or buy a new one.

Still a lot to do, but the start is there :)
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