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Assen TT - 2stroke trackdays
« on: September 02, 2018, 03:48:01 PM »
At invitation from YTCN - yamaha 2stroke Club Netherlands, a handfull of mates and myself took the long journey to Holland.
Borrowed a bike, a very good gestus from a good friend. Std. RGV chassis with a tuned YPVS lump in it.
Very good fun, lots of interesting bikes, fast 3YL fast 5KEs, fast 4DPs, very fast RSW 250GP, and all kinds of other 2stroke in the middel.

I binned the bike on the first day... was not confortable with supension, and the thing ended throwing me in the gravel as soon as I touched the brake for the chicane before start/finish straigh. from 5th gear 10K or 10.5K rpm to the asfalt in a blink of an eye... not good, was very lucky not to brake the bike or myself...

Managed to patch the thing for the second day, and then took it sl
o++wly... still learning when it is better to save your weapons to the right ocasions. I should have taken it slowly, since I was not comfortable with the bike.

Some pics, hope you enjoy (-P)
I call the one where I m overtaking an old suzi, and a YZR500 replica in one go, "there is always a bigger fish". And there is. After I managed to make the pas, a 5KE came thundering on the outside and overtook me as well. This was one of the nicest moments. 4 bikes aligned to make a pass on eachother.
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